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"The sky has no limits, neither should you". These are the demands placed on the shoulders of modern day athletes some even as young as 8 years old. The bar raises yearly & demands get higher physically at every level of competition hence putting on mental pressure which is the difference between best in the world & those that make up the numbers in the ranking. Equipped with an experienced & holistic research team, Felet's team with 26 years experience since 1992 works hand in hand with our manufacturing team to create the best equipment to give you peace of mind to perform at the highest level. We cater a wide range of badminton equipment, fitness enhancement products, rubber mats for futsal, badminton & all sports that require mats. In addition, Felet's wide array of products encompasses table tennis too to cater to the demands of sports individuals. We at Felet uphold the ethos of badminton where every shot must be precise til the perfection of 1° namely drive , drop, clear & smash shots which is the difference between the world title & runners up. Felet guarantees compliance with the benchmark set internationally while pushing the limits to create & innovate world class equipment for world beaters If you dare to win , you must also dare to lose, when you use Felet products, even when you're losing , you're winning as using our products will give you confidence knowing that Felet puts the "bad" in "badminton" with world class equipment, badass training clothing & baddest shots, your game will improve rapidly as you play with confidence & desire, safe in the knowledge your equipment is from Felet & Felet produces world class talents alongside sport merchandise.