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At Fleet, every event, every program and sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Our support for players, coaches and organisations are something we have proudly sustained year after year. It is these ongoing grass-root approaches that have won Fleet numerous accolades from those athletes and organisations.

News & Events 2014

> 09.01.2014   Guidance To Play Badmimton (Sinchew Daily)

> 24.01.2014   Press Conference for 11th Dato Tan Chin Huat Chinese Media Badminton Tournament (Nanyang Siang Pau)

> 19.03.2014   FLEET Advertisement by Sinar Harian

> 31.03.2014   FLEET sponsored "Kejohanan Badminton Sinar 2014" (Sinar Harian)

> 24.04.2014   FLEET sponsored "MSS Johor 2014"

> 31.05.2014   FLEET sponsored local TV channel (ntv7) "PROGRAMME MANDARIN BATTEL STAR SEASON 5"

> 11.06.2014   FLEET sponsored Team MSS Johor For Tournament MSS Malaysia 2014

> 16.06.2014   FLEET sponsored Kids Badminton Tournament 2014

> 19.06.2014   FLEET sponsored Team MSS Melaka for Tournament Badminton MSSM 2014

> 16.07.2014   2014 2nd ADVANSIA mixed basketball tournament

> 23.07.2014   FLEET sponsored China Press badminton tournament (China Press)

> 28.07.2014   FLEET sponsored 11th Dato' Tan Chin Huat Chinese Media Badminton Tournament (Nanyang Siang Pau)

> 01.08.2014   FLEET sponsored Batu Pahat Basketball Association for a one-month mixed basketball tournament

> 02.08.2014   FLEET sponsored charity event (Sin Chew Daily)

> 07.08.2014   FLEET sponsor patriotic car tour cum badminton tournament (Nanyang Siang Pau)

> 08.08.2014   FLEET ambassador Lee Wan Wah coaching at badminton court UTP' Seri Iskandar

> 11.08.2014   FLEET sponsored jersey shirt for charity medical care service at Poh Teck Sian Tong, Muar.

> 14.08.2014   FLEET ambassadors cum players Razif and Zakry visit to Fleet Muar

> 17.08.2014   FLEET sponsored for Majlis Kebajikan & Sukan Anggota Kerajaan Malaysia (MAKSAK)

> 18.08.2014   FLEET ambassador cum players Mr Lee Wan Wah and Mr Chan Chong Ming coaching Badminton Training Camp from Japan

> 23.08.2014   FLEET ambassadors cum players Mr Lee Wan Wah, Mr Chan Chong Ming and Mr Chew Choon Eng coaching players.

> 31.08.2014   FLEET as one of the sponsor support this meaningful event " WEARNES Patriotic Car Tour" and wishing everyone HAPPY MERDEKA DAY.

> 03.09.2014   FLEET as one of the sponsor support the fund-raising for "I Love Chinese Education".

> 04.09.2014   FLEET player Arif Latif uccessfully proceed to Quarter Final in Vietnam Open.

> 07.09.2014   FLEET sponsored and support Mapo Lang Entertainment, which organized by young Muarians in promoting Muar Town.