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At Fleet, every event, every program and sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Our support for players, coaches and organisations are something we have proudly sustained year after year. It is these ongoing grass-root approaches that have won Fleet numerous accolades from those athletes and organisations.

News & Events 2014

> 09.09.2014   FLEET sponsored MMU team in Masiswa Zone Selatan Tournament.

> 10.09.2014   FLEET player ARIF LATIF in Indonesia Master 2014 tournament.

> 29.09.2014   FLEET Road Show Booth in the Netherlands.

> 01.10.2014   FLEET sponsored UTAR Medic Intervarsity Games 2014 (MIVG)

> 02.10.2014   Seremban Prison Team in action in Mah Hwa Cup, Seremban.

> 03.10.2014   Congratulations to Seremban Prison Team.

> 04.10.2014   FLEET sponsored for ERC junior players.

> 11.10.2014   FLEET player ARIF LATIF in Perak Open 7 -12 Oct 2014.

> 14.10.2014   Taiwan singers who performed in the temple celebration visited to Fleet Muar.

> 18.10.2014   FLEET sponsored for JAD Badminton Championship 2014.

> 19.10.2014   FLEET players Zakry Latif, Razif Latif and Arif Latif took part in the JAD Badminton Championship 2014 at Melaka.

> 28.10.2014   FLEET sponsored for 3rd Dato' Theng Book Cup Malaysia Media Badminton Tournament.

> 05.11.2014   FLEET player ARIF LATIF beat Korean player Ko Gyung Bo.

> 06.11.2014   FLEET player ARIF LATIF has proceed further and defeated Korean player Sang Ho Le.

> 08.11.2014   Port Dickson Teacher Racket Club in FLEET

> 10.11.2014   Kejohanan Badminton Remaja India Melaka 2014

> 19.11.2014   FLEET sponsored for team tracksuits at Li Yongbo Badminton School, Dongguan, China.

> 20.11.2014   MetLife Badminton Celebration.

> 23.11.2014   FLEET sponsored Branden Lee and Robert Lina.

> 24.11.2014   FLEET player RAZIF LATIF coaching for new players.

> 25.11.2014   FLEET booth at UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) Melaka.

> 26.11.2014   FLEET player ARIF LATIF defeated Indonesiaa player Firman Abdul Kholik.

> 27.11.2014   FLEET sponsored for two of the team: Cheras BC and Nusajaya BC.

> 28.11.2014   FLEET sponsored Junior players at Hooi Yee Sport Championship 2014

> 02.12.2014   FLEET sponsored for Air Asia Junior Championship 2014 has come to a grand success.