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At Fleet, every event, every program and sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Our support for players, coaches and organisations are something we have proudly sustained year after year. It is these ongoing grass-root approaches that have won Fleet numerous accolades from those athletes and organisations.

News & Events 2014

> 04.12.2014   FLEET players Zakry Latif, who attached to Cheras BC.

> 06.12.2014   Junior players from Yap Twin Sports in Hooi Yee Championship 2014.

> 07.12.2014   FLEET sponsored Nusajaya BC players.

> 08.12.2014   FLEET sponsored Junior players from Eric Racket Club.

> 09.12.2014   Junior players from HH TE Academy Badminton with their medals at Kejohanan Remaja Selatan tahun 2015.

> 11.12.2014   FLEET player Arif Latif beat Immanuel Jose Anak Tan.

> 12.12.2014   FLEET sponsored Air Asia players Mr Jason Lim and En A'amar.

> 13.12.2014   Yap Twin Sports young players and coach at Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya.

> 14.12.2014   FLEET sponsored for the 3 On 3 Basketball Challenge, organized by PKKHS.

> 15.12.2014   FLEET sponsored "Run For Literacy", a charity event organized by Taylor's Reading Bus, Taylor College.

> 18.12.2014   FLEET player Arif Latif and his team members won the Mens Team Gold Medals and Gold medal for team Malaysia.

> 19.12.2014   Program Pelapis Negeri Johor 2014.

> 20.12.2014   Lee Boy Badminton Academy continue the challenge of quarter final of Teenager circuit Inter Team 2014.

> 21.12.2014   Part of the participants who took part in 2014 Muar Strong Man Challenge.

> 23.12.2014   Member-member Kelab Badminton Nusa Jati Banting Selangor

> 26.12.2014   Couple Run 2014 is the first ever couple marathon in INTI International University, Nilai.

> 27.12.2014   FLEET sponsored Muar Strong Man Challenge 2014, organized by various Muar sport organization.

> 28.12.2014   FLEET supported for charity bazaar at the PKKHS.

> 29.12.2014   Yap Twin Sports have successfully won for Boys Singles U-11 Champion and Boys Doubles U-11 Runner Up.