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At Fleet, every event, every program and sponsorship is a long-term commitment. Our support for players, coaches and organisations are something we have proudly sustained year after year. It is these ongoing grass-root approaches that have won Fleet numerous accolades from those athletes and organisations.

News & Events 2016

> 05.01.2016   FLEET ambassadors coaching young players.

> 15.01.2016   FLEET ambassadors Razif Latif in Malaysia Purple League.

> 25.01.2016   FLEET ambassadors Razif Latif won for MD Champion in UAE Open 2016.

> 26.01.2016   FLEET ambassadors Zakry and Hafizi won for MD Runner Up in UAE Open 2016.

> 01.02.2016   FLEET player Jagdish Singh in Noble Badminton Cup 2016.

> 10.02.2016   FLEET player Arif Latif in Princess Sirivannavari Thailand Masters 2016.

> 22.02.2016   FLEET players Razif and Hafizi won for Champion in Pontian Open 2016.

> 23.02.2016   FLEET players LWW, CCM and CCE in Coaching Clinic Sarawak .

> 26.02.2016   FLEET players Zakry, Razif and Hafizi in Pontian Open 2016.

> 02.03.2016   FLEET sponsored Kejohanan MSSJ Perling Johor.

> 03.03.2016   Theoretical and Practical Course in Racket Stringing.

> 04.03.2016   FLEET sponsor Persatuan Badminton Pahang.

> 08.03.2016   FLEET sponsor Muar Primary School Essay-Writing.

> 18.03.2016   FLEET sponsor MSSM 2016.

> 28.03.2016   Announcement of FLEET sponsor 13th Tan Chin Huat Cup 2016.

> 30.03.2016   NTV7 recording in FLEET.

> 31.03.2016   FLEET sponsor Pahang Badminton Association.

> 29.03.2016   Sinar Harin interview and recording in FLEET.

> 01.04.2016   Fleet sponsor Astro Kasih Kem Badminton at Johor Bahru.

> 05.04.2016   Fleet sponsor Pioneer Badminton League 2016.

> 06.04.2016   Fleet player Razif Latif in Malaysia Open Super Series Premier 2016.

> 09.04.2016   FLEET sponsored Astro Kasih Badminton Camp at Kuching Sarawak.

> 15.04.2016   FLEET sponsored Astro Kasih Badminton Camp at Kota Bharu Kelantan.

> 23.04.2016   FLEET sponsored Astro Kasih Badminton Camp at Georgetown Penang.

> 30.04.2016   FLEET sponsored Astro Kasih Badminton Camp at Kota Kinabalu Sabah.